Packing Supplies

Two movers are carrying a sofa
Proper packing is the key to a fast and efficient relocation.
It is important to ensure that your valuables are safe and protected during the moving process.

Lexel can offer a large variety of packing supplies, including boxes of all types and sizes, Flat screen TV protection units, mattress boxes and bags.

Lexel Moving guarantees FREE moving pads to protect your furniture for every single move. Moving pads may be purchased if you decide to store some items in your basement or garage for uncertain period of time. All the items may be shrink wrapped to ensure proper protection during rain and snow.
Moving blankets.
Moving Blankets
72″ x 0.2″ x 80″
Moving blankets are used forwrapping of the furniture to prevent from scratches or other physical damage.Pads are provided for each move with no charge or usage fee. Moving blankets can always be purchased separately.
Free usage
Small packing box.
Small Box 1.5 cuft
17” x 12 3/8” x 12 3/8”
Book boxes are generally used to pack heavy items such as books, files, CDs, records, and assorted paperwork.
Medium packing box.
Medium Box 3.0 cuft
18″ x 18″ x 16″
Medium boxes containing 3.0 cubic feet are used to pack clothing, sheets and towels. Additionally, midweight items such as kitchen pots and pans, plastic utensils, small appliances and other miscellaneous non fragile items can be packed in medium boxes.
Large packing box.
Large Box 4.5 cuft
18″ x 18″ x 24″
Large boxes containing 4.5 cubic feet are used to pack clothes, linens, blankets, pillows and comforters, toys and basically all large non-breakable items.
Dish barrel.
Dish Barrel 5.2cuft
18″ x 18″ x 26″
Dish barrels are used to pack china, glassware and assorted breakable items. Dishpacks can also be used to pack lamps, decorations, small picture frames, small statues and vases
Wardrobe box.
Wardrobe 10.0cuft
21″ x 18″ x 46″
Wardrobe boxes are used with a metal bar inside to hang clothing within the box. Items such as shoes and boots can be placed in the open space in the bottom of the box.
Picture box.
Picture Box 4.0cuft
37″ x 4″ x 27″
Picture boxes are used to pack artwork, picture frames, wall decorations, mirrors and glass parts. Multiple items can be packed into single picture box.
TV box.
TV Box  8.0cuft
Can fit a television up to 60″ in screen diameter
TV Box is used to insure safe transportation of your television. TV box comes in as a 2-piece unit and has styrofoam corners for proper padding.
$80 to buy / $60 to rent
Lamp box.
Lamp Box  3.5cuft
12″ x 12″ x 40″
Lamp box is mostly used when packing oddly shaped items like floor lamps, decorations, golf clubs etc. When packing extra long articles a double picture box can be used to insure sufficient height. Proper padding and inner cushioning is required for maximum safety of your belongings.
Packing paper.
Packing Paper
32 lbs approx. 450 sheets
Packing Paper is used for packing of breakables and fragile items. When properly used, this material serves as great shock absorber. Generally used on packing of china, glassware, lamps and picture frames.
Packing tape.
Packing Tape
2″ x 55 yds.
Packing tape is used for sealing boxes and securing moving blankets around the furniture.
$5.50 per roll
Plastic stretch wrap.
Plastic Stretch Wrap
18″ x 1,500′
Stretch wrap is mostly used to wrap furniture, cover drawers and to bundle long awkward items together. Usage of shrink nylon is highly recommended when moving in bed weather.
Plastic mattress.
Plastic Mattress Cover
78″ x 10″ x  96″
Mattress covers are highly recommend when moving your bed. Usage of a cover helps to preserve your mattress from being ripped or stained in the process of moving.
Plastic totes.
Round Trip Tote Rentals
27.9″ x 21.6″ x 17.5″
Plastic totes are used for packing and relocation of small and mid size articles. Crates are mainly used on large commercial moves. Tough plastic construction insures high durability. Fold-over lid makes stacking and nesting easy and hassle free. Crate delivery and pick-up service is subject to additional charges. Please contact your sales representative to obtain more information on this matter.
$1.00 per crate
per week
People of Boston love moving with Lexel Movers!
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Very responsive and professional office staff
Movers were punctual, worked hard and fast. Prices very reasonable for level of services offered.

Dave N.
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Service has been terrific
I've hired Lexel Movers  many times over several years. Moving is stressful enough! Lexel helps remove some of that stress. I highly recommend them.

Judy C.
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They were phenomenal
We moved from a one bedroom into a three level townhouse, and they worked really hard but also super carefully to get everything where it needed to be, and up many flights of stairs.

Anthony W.
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Very professional people.
Always are responsive with any questions before the move. I needed COI with name of apartment building- they provided that within 24 hrs of request, before the move.

Babs M.
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I had the A+ crew.
I had used Lexel previously for an out of state move and they have consistently been great.  If I need to move again, they will be my first call.Great crew and management.

5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Very professional people.
Always are responsive with any questions before the move. I needed COI with name of apartment building- they provided that within 24 hrs of request, before the move.

Eric Z.
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Professional and efficient.
Their quote was reasonable and communication was great. They arrived towards the beginning of their estimated timeframe and quickly got to work.

5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Really fantastic company.
Starting from getting quotes was the easiest process, bar none. Like most people, I was getting quotes from multiple companies for my interstate move from Boston to NYC.

5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

Lexel movers were great!
They arrived on time and they were very fast. They successfully moved our stuff through tiny stairwells with no damage.

Gaby B.
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I would definitely hire Lexel again!
I looked into Lexel Moving upon a friend's recommendation after deciding to hire movers for my local move this past weekend and I'm pleased with the experience.

Deborah C.
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Responsible, hardworking and punctual. Everything I needed in a moving service. I highly recommend Lexel Moving. My team consisted of Gabriel, Elias, Bladimir and Andreas. Thank you guys!

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