January 17, 2021

Arranging of a small bathroom

When you are thinking about your bathroom, what does come to your mind? Such definitions as ‘small’, ‘tiny’, ‘uncomfortable’? Here at Lexel we are glad to share some tips on how to make your bathroom more ergonomic and functional.When it comes to a compact bathroom you should first consider the location of all the necessary pieces of furniture. In the design try to use  light shade tiles, provide good lighting and do not overdo your bathroom with accessories.

1.Install a corner sink

All that is required to install such a sink  is the presence of a free corner. It will look neat and compact, freeing up  an additional space for the passage or storage and previously unremarkable corner will become  one of the most functional areas of the bathroom. The tap can be built into a wall. The washbasin has to be suspension and of a small size, so a small laundry basket could get under it.

2. Extend the table top

The sink with worktop made of artificial stone is a great solution for a small bathroom. It can be installed from wall to wall above the toilet, creating an additional storage space for various small things. Also, under a sink-countertop you can place a washing machine or shelves for the necessary things.

3. Use the door for storage

People who have small bathrooms know, sometimes it is necessary to use all the imagination  and venture to dispose different pieces of furniture not by their intended purpose. For example, the front door will be an excellent place to store towels, you just need to fit it up with a few bars or hooks. In order to make your bathroom look more shipshape, try to choose the same color textile as the design of the whole bathroom.

4. Hang a huge mirror

Mirror in a small bathroom can work wonders. Place it in the entire width of the wall and the room will become visually twice the size than before. One of the practical feature of a mirror is the ability to reflect the light. This allows to illuminate the necessary details of the room and  hide from view the small flaws. In order to use the wall surface to the limit, give preference to the shallow closet with mirrored doors. You will kill two birds with one stone.

5. Replace a bath to a shower

Think about how often do you take a bath? It might be worth to abandon it in favor of more compact and functional shower? Small bathrooms invocate us to use any free space, so give preference to a corner shower. You can buy a ready-made shower stall with a variety of user-friendly features, but you can also have one which is a custom-made. Such a shower will occupy the least amount of space.

6. Make a built-in shelves

In a small bathroom  you can and should use each centimeter of the surface. Any niche is a great option to create inbuilt open shelves: above the toilet, on both sides of the mirror, in the wall next to the sink. They do not take any space, whereby the room seems more spacious. In order to make the content of the shelves look more stylish and neat, replace plastic boxes and cans with decorative containers.

7. Install a wall mounted toilet

This model is compact in size, due to what you can save a bit of space in a small bathroom. After the installation of a mounted toilet, all drain construction is hidden by facing. The absence of valves, faucets, pipes, and a large toilet tank gives the bathroom a neat appearance.

8. Use the drawers under the sink

When choosing a sink, look for the models with cupboard and drawers. They are very convenient and functional. Can you imagine how many useful things you can hide behind their doors. Special U-shaped drawers will not abut against the communication. This will enable to use every cubic centimeter of your space.

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