July 8, 2022

Top Tips to Remember for Moving Day

Be Careful with that Box! Top Tips to Remember for Moving Day

So, moving day is just around the corner. Time flies when you are having fun. Unfortunately, moving day is not much fun, especially when it comes to packing and moving boxes.

The good news is you can avoid common mistakes people make during the moving process and make it less grueling. Here are a few things to remember when planning your move.

Roll your clothes up then pack them up.

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them up neatly and place them into your suitcases or boxes. This effective technique will help prevent your clothes from getting wrinkles. Plus, it will make your load lighter with less wear and tear on your back.

Protect your jewelry and accessories.

There is nothing more frustrating than unpacking your valuable jewelry only to discover your necklaces are tangled up in a knot. You can help prevent damaging your jewelry by placing each individual piece in between two sheets of plastic wrap. Then place them into a closed jewelry box or a safety box.

Protect your important business documents.

Many people like to place their important documents into folders before packing them away. Instead, place them into sealed waterproof folders or put them into large Ziploc bags. You should also do the same for your personal documents, such as your birth certificate, social security card, deeds, bank statements, etc.

Check the weight of a box before picking it up.

Just because a box appears light, does not meant that it is. You can prevent injuring back or pulling a muscle by doing this simple step. Oftentimes, when a person underestimates the heaviness of a box, he/she will not utilize a sufficient amount of muscle. You can actually pull a muscle out of alignment.

Find empty containers to place small items that are difficult to pack.

For small items that can be easily lost, use a variety of small containers. For example, you can use a pillbox to hold earrings, rings and cufflinks. Some people use their unused sunglasses case to store their cords and wires.

Never use your back to lift a box.

Obviously, you are not going to try to lift boxes with your back. We are talking about relying on your back muscles to lift up a box. Instead, lift with your legs. When you use your legs as a focus point to lift up something heavy, you reduce the risk of painful back injuries.

Hold with a firm grip.

Prevent dropping a box by grabbing it firmly from the bottom. Consider using durable work gloves specifically for lifting. The purpose for wearing gloves is to avoid your hands from getting slippery due to having sweaty or oily hands.

DO NOT lift a box over your head.

Lifting boxes over your head may seem less time-consuming than climbing a ladder, but it will help you avoid having a box fall on top of you.

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