March 30, 2022

How to Find NYC Parking the Easy Way

How to Find NYC Parking the Easy Way

While many people are sure that traffic is pretty heavy in New York, it is still possible to find parking. However, you need to master a few life hacks to do it. Learn them from this article to deal with any parking issues you might ever face in the Big Apple.

The Ins and Outs of Parking While Moving from Boston to New York

Are you moving to New York City with a vehicle? The traffic might be terrible, so you are going to be in for a ride when it comes to finding decent parking. Here are a few ways to help make parking less painful in the big city.

How to Get a Parking Permit in NYC

Currently, government workers, the Department of Education (DOE) employees, clergy, non-profit organizations, and people with severe disabilities are eligible to apply for parking permits. A permit will give you access to parking in all 5-boroughs (Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens).

If you are applying for a disability parking permit, download a copy here:

Teachers, clergy, and non-profits can download the relevant applications here:

New York City residents and commuters aren’t eligible for parking permits. However, if you are a resident or a commuter, you can purchase parking cards to find decent lots throughout the city.      

Pre-Paid Parking Cards

If you are moving from Boston to New York with a car or you’re planning to commute into the city, the first thing you’ll need to buy is a pre-paid Parking Card. This card gives you access to parking meters, selected electronic single-space meters (located in Long Island City and Manhattan, and City municipal parking fields.

Costs: You can purchase cards in the amounts of $20, $50, and $100.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) accepts payments by phone, online credit card, or by mail via money order or check. All parking cards are sent out by mail or FedEx.

Download an application here:

Find Safe Street Side Parking in NYC

If you are struggling to find safe parking in the Big Apple, you might want to consider leaving your car in a local 24-hour parking garage. You can get parking for as low as $10-15 per day and for as much as $20+ per day.  Some parking garages charge by the hour in increments of 4, 8, 12, and 24-hours.

If you are parking in certain areas in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or The Bronx, you may be able to find off-street parking with no problem. However, if you’re moving to Manhattan, it will be more of a hassle. Thus, it is better to hire a professional moving company in New York that has a parking license.

Safety Measures to Steer Clear of Scammers

Before choosing a parking garage, make sure you shop around to avoid scams. Recently, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has been cracking down on construction companies and real estate developers who have been putting up fake parking signs. According to Eyewitness News, more than 80 residents have been given parking tickets for as much as $115. However, the companies trying to swindle residents out of their parking spaces were fined as much as $300.

Avoid Parking Scams

If you’re wondering how people can get away with fake signs – it’s easy. The DOT gives out construction signs to construction companies and developers to help accommodate their workers. Unfortunately, many take advantage and place signs up in areas where there are no construction sites close by. For example, there were illegal signs placed on streets where the construction site was all the way on a different block. There was even a fake sign that had black tape plastered across the front.

If a sign seems suspicious to you (a faded sign or a sign with tape), take a photo of the sign, notate the street address, find somewhere else to park, and contact the DOT to check whether the sign is legitimate.

If you’re going to park in the city overnight, be on the safe side and find a parking garage. There are two ways of going about this. If you’re moving into a high-rise, you will be more than likely to have access to a parking garage close to your building or within the building underground.

Some residents pay a monthly fee, and some don’t, depending on the type of building amenities. Keep in mind that every high-rise parking garage is different.

Protect Your Car

If you are parking in a garage, make sure you purchase a bumper protector to defend your car against dents, scrapes, and bangs. Some parking valets are known for bumping cars up against walls to squeeze in as many cars as possible.

Improve Security

Never leave anything valuable in your car that goes for jewelry, smartphones, loose change, books, newspapers, toys, groceries, etc. Don’t ever leave your windows open, even if you’re only going to be gone for a minute. Make sure your doors are always locked. Be smart when you park. The same tip is relevant not only for individuals but also for firms all over the U.S. For instance, moving companies from Boston to Chicago use increased protection measures to keep the items safe and sound. Of course, NYC is a less dangerous place than the above-mentioned cities, but it is always good to play on the safe side.

Streamline Parking in NYC Using Modern Technology

Use a series of parking apps for iOS or Android to facilitate your parking experience in New York City.

Parking Apps

To find parking fast, consider downloading a free app like Park Whiz or Parking Panda – On-Demand Parking. These convenient phone apps will provide you with the nearest parking garages. For example, Park Whiz provides the best parking deals, and they even allow you to book for parking in advance from your phone. These apps apply not only to New York but to all major cities across the U.S. For instance, we use them while providing moving services in Boston to avoid parking issues.  

For on-street parking, you may want to download the NYC Parking Meter and Alternate Side Parking Notification app. It helps to prevent parking tickets from expired parking meters. This app even gives you the heads up on parking rules. By the way, you can find more detailed parking rules here:

Quick Tip: If your prospective parking garage has a valet (or a parking attendant), it is good parking etiquette to tip. In New York City, a valet is more likely to take care of your vehicle if you tip each time you drop off and pick up your vehicle. Seriously, some people find that they experience less damage to their vehicles when they tip compared to when they do not tip.

SUV’s and Large Vehicles Pay Extra

Do you drive a large SUV or a pickup truck? Plan on shelling out more money for parking – it can be very expensive. And don’t forget to include taxes. Taxes can rank as far up as 18.375%.

Save Money with Monthly Fees

Undoubtedly, parking garage fees can really add up, especially daily parking fees. Thus, your best bet will be to invest in monthly parking. There are NYC parking garages for as low as $75 per month and as much as $252+ per month (it all depends on where you park.) If you park in a garage on the Upper East Side, you’re obviously going to pay out the roof.

Quick Tip: Ask your tax accountant whether you can deduct your parking expenses, especially if you’re a business owner.  

Hopefully, the advice provided in this article will help you to acquire a clearer perspective on how to park in New York City and relieve the stress associated with it.

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