March 3, 2019

How to save space in the bedroom

Here are some tips on interior design:

1. No clutter

The more things are in sight, the smaller the visual space in the room. In the small bedrooms all the small things need to be put away in cabinets and shelves with doors closed.

2. White color

For small-sized bedrooms white is ideal, as the bright colors visually expand the space of the room. However, there is one drawback in the design of white room. The walls color is very cold and is perfect only for hot summer. There are can be cold and uncomfortable in cold winter nights. Warm and bright plaid on a bed, textured colored curtains, appropriate rugs and cushions will help to make the room warmer.

3. Emphasis

Emphasize the wall using mural wallpaper or paint the wall at the head of the bed in a bright color. Accentuated bright wall visually enhances the space, helps to balance the volume plane of the bed with the rest of the room.

4. Effectively use the space

Do not forget about the functional furniture. Convenient shelf can be placed above the head of the bed. The space under the bed can also be effectively used. Put there transparent containers for things.

5. Remove the bright carpets

Bright color carpets visually reduce the bedroom space. Use monochromatic shades or flooring with a reasonable figure.

6. Light

Add wall lights, floor lamps or LED lamps placed around the perimeter of the bedroom.

The atmosphere in the bedroom should calm down and relax you. Here you are gaining strength for a new day, so it is essential to consider the bedroom design carefully.

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