July 7, 2019

Moving in Boston

2015 is set to be a great year for home sales in Boston. Interest rates are low, lending is loosening up a bit, and prices are favorable for buyers.

Buying a new home is thrilling. Packing and moving, though, can be a drag. Don’t let moving scare you! Take the stress away with these easy tips:

Start Yesterday

When you’re packing up an entire house, it’s going to take time. Lots of time. In fact, an average 2,000 foot home can take up to 60 hours to pack.
Get ahead of the game by starting as soon as possible. Start packing non-essential, seasonal items a month or two out. By 3-4 weeks out, start packing each room up completely, one at a time. Your last week should be spent living out of a couple boxes and a suitcase or two.

Plan Everything Out

Study your new home carefully and plan out where everything should go. As you pack your rooms up, label exactly where everything should go. On moving day, this will make carrying your boxes much easier. You’ll be able to carry everything to their proper spot with ease.
Moving is a long day, and spending your time unpacking is the last thing you want to do. A little planning will get you relaxing much quicker.

Try Downsizing a Bit

Throughout your time at your old home, you’ve accumulated lots of clutter. But you don’t have to bring every single item. The less stuff you have, the easier it’s going to be to move it all. Figure out what won’t be necessary at your new home, and get rid of it. Toss things that are on their last legs out. You can replace it when you move into your new home.
You don’t need to toss everything out, though. If some of your old stuff isn’t necessary, but isn’t broken, you can have a garage sale. You can use the proceeds to defray your moving costs!
If you’re feeling charitable, you can give some of your useful items away. Friends and family would certainly appreciate some of it. You can donate some of the goods to places like the Salvation Army. Many charitable donations will be tax deductible!

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