August 11, 2020

Weather on the moving day

Positively, moving is an important event in everyone’s life. Of course, all of us want to have everything perfect on moving day. However there can be some circumstances which don’t depend on you or your moving team.Having a good weather on moving day is a big plus, but sometimes we have to move despite rain and snow. Here are some advices by means of which I would like to make your move easier and more successful.

1. If you have to move during bad weather, first of all protect your belongings. You must be sure that the adverse circumstances in the form of rain and snow won’t be able to cause damage to your furniture.
Movers will always blanket wrap your furniture, nevertheless the extra protection should not be ignored. All you will need are shrink or plastic wrapping and adhesive tape. Due to these ordinary materials your belongings will become waterproof, and therefore protected.

2. Considering the fact, that during the moving process the cardboard boxes will be used, try to protect them as well. It is a good idea to shrink wrap your boxes, after sealing them properly on the top and bottom with adhesive tape. In addition to this, use only clean and strong boxes in order your belongings arrive at your new apartment in prime condition.

3. If it is snowing on your moving day, take all the precautions in order the driveway to be cleared of snow and open to traffic. Other way the moving team will never be able to reach you. It is essential that all the sidewalks and steps be cleared of snow too, so the movers can easily get in and out of your home. If you don’t want any accidents, make sure that there is no ice near your house, and remember about the danger that icicles can represent. It is also important to take the same steps at the location, where you are moving.

4. It is always better to know for sure what whether is going to be on your moving day. For this reason keep track of weather forecast before the day of actual move. In conjunction with this keep in touch with your moving company, cause their schedule can be affected by snowfall or heavy rain. It is important to be aware about possible delays and obstacles and be prepared for them.

5. In conclusion, I would like to say. Try to be kind and polite with movers not only during the cold rainy and snowy days, but always. Since even a few good words and gestures go a long way.

Following all these points you will see that the move can be both successful and almost effortless.

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