November 18, 2020

What keeps you awake or 9 mistakes in the bedroom design

Comfortable bed, soft pillows, fluffy blankets, these all may not be enough for a good rest and sleep, if there are some mistakes in the bedroom design. Let’s speak about the most common ones.

Bedroom is a sacred place, intimate, designed for rest and relaxation.

When you are thinking about the design of the room, try to avoid the abundance of straight lines, sharp color transition and follow the rule of “three Ss”: simplicity, spaciousness and serenity. However in the pursuit of spectacular design, we sometimes forget about the original purpose of the room and make a lot of mistakes that would later interfere with healthy sleep. Which of them are the most common?

Mistake № 1. Excess of color

You will agree that it is much more difficult to fell asleep in the bedroom with bright yellow or red walls than, for example, with pistachio or beige walls. However, any chosen color should not be the only one in decoration. It is vital to find a harmonious combination with the prevailing background of a quiet, relaxing shades and some bright accent spots. One of the best option is to find a pair wallpapers or properly fitted stickers on a neutral background.

Mistake  № 2. The abundance of  jazzy and artsy accessories

In the bedroom you should relax your eyes, but the dominance of multi-colored drawings, flounces, frills prevents from  doing that. Monochrome, calm tones and simple in plot and composition images will be suitable for adult modern bedroom. Neutral background is a wonderful room for creativity. If desired, it is always possible to add couple of intensive, colorful accents. For example, patterned pillows, wraps, plaid or curtains.

Mistake № 3  Too much decorations on the walls

Try not to Cluttering up the walls with numerous photographs, paintings, flashy posters and souvenirs, the bedroom should not be confused with the museum. They contain the considerable amount of information and can overload not only just a wall, but  also your brains, easily fending Morpheus away. Try to keep only the most effective and cherished accessories, which could reflect your personality, and if you want from time to time, change them for new ones.

Mistake № 4. Awful storage system

According to the international studies, disorder in the bedroom not only stimulates the insomnia but also can cause irritation and stress.  One of the main reasons of having a mess in the bedroom is the ill-conceived storage system.  It may be high time to change impractical grandmother’s chest for a spacious and stylish wardrobe! Space under the bed can be activated by means of the drawers, and it can also be very useful to fit up the walls with the convenient niches.

Mistake № 5. The only one source of light

It is necessary to have at least two sources of light in the bedroom. – The main chandelier or several spotlights around the room and the floor lamp or the scone by the bedside. The light has to be soft, smooth, not to bright and a little bit diffused. The best option is to install the dimmer, which will help you to choose the desired light intensity.

Mistake № 6.  Electronics dominance

No matter how comfortable it can be to lie in the bed with a laptop or your cell phone, it is always important to remember about the harmful radiation, which has a negative impact on human’s health and sleep. If it is possible try to limit the number of gadgets in the bedroom, and do not use before the bedtime.  Moreover, the wires, lying on the floor, look very slovenly and it is actually can be very dangerous. Think in advance the ways to hide them.

Mistake № 7. Translucent curtains

Even a little ray of sunshine or streetlight will prevent you from sleep, if you will have only lightweight tulle instead of blackout curtains in your bedroom. It is much better not to use practical sunblind, because it will become an additional dust collector and could have a bad effect on the quality of your sleep.

Mistake № 8. Extra furniture

The bedroom cluttered with the furniture not only visually loses in volume, becomes more cramped, collects the dust, but also the atmosphere in this room becomes psychologically oppressive. The bedroom should be furnished only with the most necessary pieces.  It will also be a good decision not to place any fitness equipment in your bedroom.

Mistake № 9. The wrong use of the mirrors

For centuries, people around the world were extremely wary of the mirrors, especially of their presence in the bedroom. Remarkably, but modern psychologists and designers support such an approach. According to the experts, a large number of mirrors in the bedroom prevents from the rest and peace of mind and also causes depression and anxiety. It is highly undesirable to place a mirror in front of the bed head. The best option will be to place the mirror on the cabinet door or even in the dressing room.

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