April 9, 2020

What moving box should I use?

The move has been confirmed and now it’s time to start the packing!

To ease some of the stress and difficulty that can come from a few tips below.

A good packing list is a great place to start. The list will help you gauge the types of packing supplies you’ll need. Purchasing quality supplies can save you time and money, so don’t cut corners there. You can buy packing supplies at various places including moving retailers, mail service stores and office supply stores. Surfing the Internet is always an option. You may find unique packing supplies online that typical retailers don’t carry.

Another inexpensive, or no cost at all, option for acquiring boxes is to get in touch with local grocers and liquor stores. Both places have goods delivered in quality boxes and when a shipment is delivered, the boxes get disposed. Contact the managers to see if and when you can come and take the boxes.
To save on money and time, you can purchase moving and packing kits. Kits can be purchased for individual rooms or entire households.

I would personally recommend to spend few $ more and get nice boxes that won’t collapse and rip apart when it’s time to get moved. You don’t want to see your underwear all over the truck:)

I will list the most common types of boxes bellow, recommend to go through them, and use this information in the future.

– Book box (The best for packing books, files, paperwork, CD’s)

– Medium Box (Good for packing medium weight items, food, plastics, linen, shoes, miscellaneous items, etc.)

– Large box (Works perfect for linen and clothes)

– Dish-pack or China box (Do not use anything else besides this box to pack breakables, glassware, china, plates, dishes, vases, decorations and everything that can easily get damaged)

My personal opinion is that white paper works way better than bubble wrap.
a) The overall cost of white paper will be cheaper then the cost of bubble wrap.
b) Experience shows that you can hardly reuse bubble wrap. White paper you can.
c) After unpacking, you can organize the left overs of white paper, bubble wrap left overs are a disaster:)
d) One bundle of white paper is good enough to pack up to 4-5 china boxes, and that’s a lot of plates there…

– Picture box (The naming talks about itself. Best for packing picture frames, wall decorations, light glass tops from side tables and I mean LIGHT by saying that. DO NOT pack heavy glass top in a box of this type, it wont survive. Same as as china box, this box is a big friend of white paper, so get yourself few bundles and start taking those things down from the wall)

– Wardrobe box. This box is my favorite) Use it to hang your clothes, don’t fold’n’squeeze your suite or a nice wedding dress into a medium size box:)
You can also put some linen on the bottom of the box, that tends to work out pretty good.

– TV-box. Don’t cover your LCD or LED TV in a blanket, use a box. Better and much safer.
Don’t want to spend a lot of money, go to Home Depot, they have it. It’s cheap.
Always try to save the original box for the TV, you will need in the future.

And that’s about it. The other thing you can use is Rubbermaid plastic bin. Those bins work perfect. Easy to stack and store after the moving and the best part they are reusable even after your fifth move:)
Sometimes you can rent those, try to google it and see if there is a rental center somewhere close.
Equip yourselves with accessories that drastically save you time. Tape dispensers, box cutters and printable labels prove to be very helpful when packing.

Now that you have a guide for packing, it’s time to get started! Take your time organizing the items, load up on quality supplies and have fun packing up one journey and onto another!
Guys, if you about to pack up a 5 bedroom house, there are 3 main things you need to remember:
– Music while working
– Friends to help you out
– Nice bottle of beer or wine when done
And let your move be smooth and hassle-free.

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